My Portfolio

Educational Stats:

  • 3.55 GPA
  • High School Graduate
  • First year college student
  • attend ECC North
  • pursuing business major
Abraham Zherebilov
Hello, my name is Abraham Zherebilov and I am an eighteen year old college student at ECC and an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, I always look for new innovative ideas I can invest in. I love talking to people who have revolutionizing ideas and people who are successful in their field of work. I've always strive to perform my best at any job opportunity I was given. Some call me a "workaholic" but I, personally view myself as a goal-oriented, hard-working individual. I'm always looking forward to take on new opportunities that come my way. I strive to improve on my current skills each day, and love being taught new things. I love networking and working with people, especially business professionals.
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